Microgas Washing, a Sophisticated Method to Clean Contaminated Exhaust

By Dr. Hans Valerius
December 2003

The Author is Director at Enigma Process Technologies Corp in Muntinlupa, Philippines. His company provides engineered solutions for laundry waste, hospital waste, animal blood, animal waste, palm oil mill waste etc. → See also:

As you undoubtedly know, there are several systems on the market for the reduction of toxic and/or undesirable emissions, like:

None of the above systems is in fact ideal; we have indicated in the notes the pro´s and con´s of each system as we see them.

Now a new system, microgas washing, has been introduced with an innovative approach. Below please find a brief description.

The very core of emission problems is the fact that pollutants in the gaseous phase are free roaming molecules and therefore cannot be removed by conventional filtering techniques. Micro gaswashing solves this problem by encapsulating the pollutant molecules in tiny droplets which can be removed by dedicated filters. To this end a special fluid, FF-AR, is sprayed into the exhaust gas stream where it thanks to its unique properties binds and encapsulates the pollutants. At the end of the exhaust stack filters remove the FF-AR/pollutant droplets so that clean air leaves the exhaust.

FF-AR, the Key to the System

Micellar Structure Overall Droplet Structure
Micellar Structure Overall Droplet Structure

FF-AR Delivery System

Filter Technique

Practical Issues


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