Drizgas Tech

Street155, Sri Amirthavarshini Nagar, Villianur
Postal Code605 110
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Telephone(+91) 84 - 2823 1593
Mobile(+91) 99 - 5287 7991
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ProfileSpecialized Manufacturer of Wet Scrubber, Dry Scrubber and Fume Extractors
Updated   2020-04-20
Areas of Involvement – Cross References
Air Pollution Control Air Pollution Control
  • Dust & Fume ExtractionInertial Separators, Cyclones & Multicyclones, Centrifugal Collectors, Fans, Blowers, Ventilation, Vacuum Systems, Hoods & Booths
  • Particulate ScrubbersWet Scrubbers, Venturi Scrubbers, Spray Chambers, Packed-Bed Scrubbers, Spray Dry Scrubbers, Orifice Scrubbers
  • Gas CleaningFlue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Spray Towers, Catalytic Oxidation, E-Beam Process
  • Odour ControlNeutralisation, Encapsulants, Biofilters, Fogging, Atomising Systems, Organic Ionic Dipolar Compounds