Diversity Native Seeds

StreetSarana 1040, Timor Road
Postal CodeNSW 2357
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ProfileSupplies Seed of a Wide Range of Australian Native Tree, Shrub and Grass Species for Revegetation, Forestry and Amenity Uses
Registration 2010-03-09 · Updated 2017-04-09
Areas of Involvement – Cross References
Earth Preservation Earth Preservation
  • Site Decontamination & RehabilitationIn/Ex-Situ Remediation, Bio/Phytoremediation, Soil Washing, Thermal Desorption, Hydrocarbon Removal, Absorbents, Detoxification, Encapsulation
  • Erosion and Sediment ControlSoil Stabilization, Embankments, Retention Facilities, Slope Revegatation, Gabions, Stormwater Management, Wetland Restoration, Coastal Erosion Abatement
  • ForestryConservation & Protection, Re-Forestation, Certification, Indigneous Vegetation Seedlings, Nurseries, Fire Prevention, Logging Machinery
  • AgricultureSustainable Food Production, Organic Farming Methods, Permaculture, Biofertilizers, Biological Pest Control, Certified Labels, Rural Development
  • Ecosystem ManagementProtection of Biodiversity Habitats & Landscape, Ecosystem Restoration, Native Plant Establishment, Coral Reef Rehabilitation