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ProfileR&D of Ecological Technologies - Drinking Water Purification, Rubber and Polyethylene Recycling, Organic Wastes Reprocessing
Registration 2008-01-14 · Updated 2023-05-21
Areas of Involvement – Cross References
Water Supply & Purification Water Supply & Purification
Waste Management Waste Management
Recycling Recycling
  • Material TransformationCoal Ash Utilization, Roadbed Material, Bricks, Packaging / Insulation Materials, Wood Substitutes, Panels, Boards, By-Product Utilization
  • Composting ProcessesAerobic Decomposition, Anaerobic Digesters, Bacteria Cultures, Worms, Toilets, Manure Processing, Organic Fertilisers
Power Generation Power Generation
  • Biomass EnergyAnaerobic Digestion & Fermentation, Gasification, Phytoextraction, Wood Chips / Pellets, Agricultural Residues, Biogas & Biofuel Production