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ProfileEquipment for Mechanical Filtration, Pressure and Non Pressure, Self Cleaning Filters, Spiral Conveyor, Screw Dewatering Press
Updated   2018-02-04
Areas of Involvement – Cross References
Waste Water Treatment Waste Water Treatment
  • Physical TreatmentScreens, Surface Skimmers, Archimedian Screws, Grit Chambers, Mixers, Aerators, Diffusers, Sedimentation Tanks
  • Sludge HandlingAnaerobic Digestion, UASB, Membrane Biological Reactors, Belt Filter Presses, Oil-Water Separators, Centrifuges & Dewaterers, Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters
Water Supply & Purification Water Supply & Purification
  • Water FiltrationFiltration Processes, Filter Media & Cartridges, Microstrainers, Carbon Adsorption, Microporous Ceramic Elements, Backwashing