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Resonant Shock Compaction, LLC (RSC)

Street190 Inca Parkway
Postal CodeCO 80303
CountryUnited States
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Telephone(+1) 303 - 413 1671
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ProfileVirbratory Compaction of Granular Waste (Concrete, Coal Ash, Quarry Fines, Sand) into Blocks and Panels
Registration 1999-03-12 · Updated 2017-10-03
Areas of Involvement – Cross References
Earth Preservation Earth Preservation
  • Erosion and Sediment ControlSoil Stabilization, Embankments, Retention Facilities, Slope Revegatation, Gabions, Stormwater Management, Wetland Restoration, Coastal Erosion Abatement
Recycling Recycling
  • Material RecyclingSecondary Materials, Scrap Metal, Waste Paper, Glass Cullet, Plastics, PET, Oil, Chemicals, Cartridge/Toner Regeneration, De-Inking, Pulping, Re-Vulcanization
  • Material TransformationCoal Ash Utilization, Roadbed Material, Bricks, Packaging / Insulation Materials, Wood Substitutes, Panels, Boards, By-Product Utilization
Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency
  • Housing DevelopmentEcological Architecture and Construction, LEED, Efficiency Benchmarking, New Building Materials, Daylighting