New Energy Foundation (NEF)

DepartmentAsia Biomass Energy Cooperation Promotion Office
BuildingSumitomo Higashi-Ikebukuro Building, 2/F
Street3-13-2, Higashi-Ikebukuro
Postal Code170-0013
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Telephone(+81) 3 - 6810 0362
Facsimile(+81) 3 - 3982 5101
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ProfileProviding Information on Asian Biomass Energy Cooperation and Promotion to Introduce Domestic Policies and Activities
Registration 2004-06-25 · Updated 2017-07-15
Areas of Involvement – Cross References
Environmental Information Environmental Information
  • PublicationsBooks, Magazines, Journals, Directories, Encyclopedias, Reports, Proceedings, Websites, Blogs
  • Exhibitions & ConferencesTrade Fairs, Conventions, Congresses, Symposiums, Seminars
  • Research & DevelopmentFundamental / Applied Scientific Projects, Programmes, Institutes / Laboratories
  • Industry AssociationsBusiness Confederations, Trade / Export Chambers, Technology Promotion, Committees, Clearinghouses
Power Generation Power Generation
  • Hydro PowerTurbines and Components, Tidal, Current, Wave, Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, Crossflow, Micro/Pico, Dams, Gates
  • Biomass EnergyAnaerobic Digestion & Fermentation, Gasification, Phytoextraction, Wood Chips / Pellets, Agricultural Residues, Biogas & Biofuel Production
  • Geothermal EnergyGround Source Heat Pumps, Flash Steam / Binary Cycle Geothermal Power Plants, Geothermal Well Drilling, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)