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National Wind Watch (NWW)

Street63 West Hill Road
Postal CodeMA 01339
CountryUnited States
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ProfileCoalition of Groups and Individuals Working to Save Rural and Wild Places from Heedless Industrial Wind Energy Development
Registration 2009-06-01 · Updated 2019-03-11
Areas of Involvement – Cross References
Environmental Information Environmental Information
  • PublicationsBooks, Magazines, Journals, Directories, Encyclopedias, Reports, Proceedings, Websites, Blogs
Earth Preservation Earth Preservation
  • Ecosystem ManagementProtection of Biodiversity Habitats & Landscape, Ecosystem Restoration, Native Plant Establishment, Coral Reef Rehabilitation
Power Generation Power Generation
  • Wind PowerHorizontal/Vertical-Axis Turbines, Mills, Blades, Rotors, Gear Units, Towers, Wind Measurement & Assessment