Quasa Ambiental

StreetRua Camboriú 170
DistrictEixo Marques de Olinda, Glória
CityJoinville, SC
Postal Code89.216-222
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Telephone(+55) 47 - 3422 3500
Facsimile(+55) 47 - 3422 3515
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ProfileEnvironmental Studies & Projects, Noise Monitoring, Rural Area Registry, Forest Inventory, Hydrological Reports, OHES Audits
Registration 2002-09-23 · Updated 2022-11-07
Areas of Involvement – Cross References
Environmental Information Environmental Information
  • PublicationsBooks, Magazines, Journals, Directories, Encyclopedias, Reports, Proceedings, Websites, Blogs
  • Education & TrainingPost / Graduate Studies, Courses, Workshops, Learning Centers / Materials, Webinars
  • Audit & Financial ServicesISO 14000, ISO/TC 207, LCA, EMAS, Certification, Compliance, Inspection, Assessment, Appraisal, Development Funds, Grants
Water Supply & Purification Water Supply & Purification
  • Water Resources ManagementHydrologic Engineering, Water Shed / Aquifer Protection / Stabilisation / Restoration, Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation, Well Drilling, Reservoirs, Oil Spill Barriers, Slick Decomposition
Earth Preservation Earth Preservation
  • ForestryConservation & Protection, Re-Forestation, Certification, Indigneous Vegetation Seedlings, Nurseries, Fire Prevention, Logging Machinery
  • Ecosystem ManagementProtection of Biodiversity Habitats & Landscape, Ecosystem Restoration, Native Plant Establishment, Coral Reef Rehabilitation