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The Green Pages Directory for Environmental Technology is an online information resource that lists international businesses and organizations that supply products and services which can remedy environmental problems – for example, any aspect of water treatment, air pollution, waste handling & recycling, and renewable energy. This free and self-supporting service connects consumers with 7000 suppliers from around 150 countries, presenting a forum to explore clean and sustainable technologies, to share knowledge and experience, and exchange best environmental practices. Over the past 25 years, Green Pages has been serving 10 million visitors with 125 million pages of free and up-to-date information.

Aims & Objectives

We envision a world where economic development is based on shared, efficient and sustainable use of natural resources – a world where people join forces across borders to alleviate and rectify the degradation of nature and climate caused by the greed and ignorance of the past.

The Green Pages supports market-based solutions to environmental problems by providing a platform to promote innovative, clean and efficient technologies. It helps companies compete in markets that were previously beyond their reach, benefiting especially small and enterprises from developing countries who gain exposure to a global audience. The directory enables contacts between suppliers and end users as well as potential business partners across the globe, assisting the acceleration and expansion of the Green ⁄ Cleantech business sector market share. The platform facilitates short-term sales of equipment and consulting contracts, and long-term technology transfers to local licensees and joint-ventures. It aims to deepen and broaden consumer’s ability to make a positive impact through their purchasing, by presenting readers with choices and alternatives.

Approach & Features

The site’s structure minimizes navigation so that users can quickly and directly advance to the information they desire, while encouraging them to explore additional content, through cross-references and context-sensitive menus. At the core of Green Pages’ sustainability concept is the continuous renewal of its content, ensuring that no clicks are wasted on obsolete data.