Chemerical – Redefining Clean for a New Generation

By Andrew Nisker
July 2010

From the creator of the award winning film “Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home” comes a shocking tale about the products we use to clean our homes and bodies.

In his latest documentary Chemerical, filmmaker and environmental activist Andrew Nisker calls out the unnecessary and harmful toxin heavy products in our homes. Chemerical digs deep to explore the consequences of living in a chemical laden nation by raising the following questions:

Sparking awareness through an interesting and inspiring dialogue of an issue that affects the lives of everyone; Chemerical will seek to catalyze a change in behaviour. Focusing on the lives and foibles of a family that subsists on a chemical dependent lifestyle, the film will relate and share their story as a basis for connecting the dots between our consumer choices and community environmental concerns.


Chemerical explores the life cycle of everyday householder cleaners and hygiene products to prove that, thanks to our clean obsession, we are drowning in sea of toxicity. The film is at once humorous, as we watch the Goode family try to turn a new leaf by creating and living in a toxic free home, and informative, as director Andrew Nisker works with many experts to give audiences the tools and inspiration to live toxic free.

Chemerical tackles the “toxic debate” in a truly informative and entertaining way, not only by raising awareness, but most importantly, by providing simple solutions.

Welcome to a Toxic Free World!

After watching Chemerical we are confident that you’ll be inspired to take an inventory of all your toxic cleaners, personal care products and cosmetics and rid your lives of them completely! When you do, let us know about it by entering the number of products you’ve removed from your house in the Chemerical Tally.

In the vein of Morgan Spurlock’s hilarious Super Size Me, Nisker produces a social experiment. With the skeptical Goode family as his subjects, Nisker documents their inspiring journey of ridding their home of toxic products by creating their own toxin-free house cleaners, cosmetics, and personal hygiene products. It is also incredibly heartwarming to watch this charismatic family bond over making toothpaste.

In the meanwhile, Nisker explores the effects of toxins on a person’s quality of life by looking at the extreme case of a woman living with multiple chemical sensitivity. He drives his point home through interviews with residents of Sarnia, Ontario’s “Chemical Valley”, where petrochemical production has been linked to lower life expectancies and miscarriages.

So the VP of Production over at MTV Canada was partially correct when he called Chemerical “one of the scariest movies of the year”. But Nisker’s approach to social action films reconciles the scary stuff with tools of action and a touch of humour, making Chemerical a fun and highly enjoyable experience. Plus, Nisker doesn’t just leave you hanging there - he’s all about empowering his audiences to detoxify the earth by starting with their homes through easy toxin-free cleaning recipes.

That’s likely why since it’s release, Chemerical has helped remove over 7,000 toxic products from households worldwide. And not to name drop, but Nisker’s social action films have even gotten the attention of celeb folk – from Rachel McAdams to Leonardo DiCaprio.

In short, it’s a must see. You can order a copy online over at Take Action Films. The folks there are also offering discount codes – request one by writing.

In the meantime, if you want to get a head start at detoxifying your life, check out Nisker’s GarbageMovie Youtube Channel for all sorts of goodies, including recipes for making your own toxin-free lipstick, toothpaste, and laundry detergent.


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