Oil Field Tekniks

BuildingSyndicate Bank Building, 2/F
Street1-1-300/B, Ashoknagar
Postal Code500 020
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Telephone(+91) 40 - 2763 5974
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Mobile(+91) 94 - 9094 1304
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ProfileBio Remediation of Hydrocarbon Sludges, Tank Bottom Cleaning, Waste Conversion into Manure, Treatment of Contaminated Soils
Registration 2006-08-16 · Updated 2017-12-16
Areas of Involvement – Cross References
Waste Water Treatment Waste Water Treatment
  • BioaugmentationOxidation Ponds, Dissolved Air Flotation, Microbes, Rotating Biological Contactors, Sequential Batch Reactors, Biological Aerated Filters
  • Sludge HandlingAnaerobic Digestion, UASB, Membrane Biological Reactors, Belt Filter Presses, Oil-Water Separators, Centrifuges & Dewaterers, Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters
Earth Preservation Earth Preservation
Waste Management Waste Management
  • Waste DisposalSanitary Landfills, Geosynthetics, Liners / Barriers, Impervious Membranes, Leachate and Odour Control, Gas Extraction & Utilization
Recycling Recycling
  • Material TransformationCoal Ash Utilization, Roadbed Material, Bricks, Packaging / Insulation Materials, Wood Substitutes, Panels, Boards, By-Product Utilization